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This website is an audio based corner. free download. It is about Imam Ali The commander of the faithful. The real direct caliph of the holy prophet . Imam Ali has been trained and grown up by the holy prophet of Islam. This website contains speechs and sayings of Imam Ali who is the last executer of the prophets.

The website's group are  independent from any political or religious direction. Our goal is universal ,Also it's a call for thinking and research .

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letter3-s1-To the Qadhi of Kufa, Shurayh b. Haarith when he purchased a costly house.    s2 

sermon 144-s1-Deputation of Prophets  s2 s3    

sermon 183-s1-Praise of Allah for His bounties(i)     s2   s3   s4    s5
letter4-To one of the commanders of his army. sermon 145-About this world sermon 185-s1-Praise of Allah and His wonderful creatures     s2
letter5-To the hypocrite Ash'ath bin Qays when he usurped public funds. sermon 147-s1-The purpose of the deputation of the Holy Prophet and ...  s2  s3 sermon 185-s3-part1-Praise of Allah and His wonderful creatures  part2  s4  s5
letter9-To Mu'awiya. sermon 150-About future events and some activities of the hypocrites sermon 186-s1-part1-About the Oneness of Allah ...          s1-part2       s2      s3   s4-part1      s4-part2
letter11-Part of instructions to his marshal when Imam Ali (a) sent him to a battle. sermon 151-The condition of the people during disorder, and advice against oppression ... sermon 187-s1-Regarding the vicissitudes of time        s2
letter12-When Imam Ali (a) sent an expedition of 3000 soldiers under Ma'qil bin Qays Riyahi against the Syrians, he issued the following instructions. sermon 152-s1-About the greatness and the attributes of Allah    s2    s3  sermon 188-s1-Allah's favours   s2    s3
letter13-Instructions to two of his commanders. sermon 153-s1-About negligent persons and the characteristics of beasts, carnivores and.. s2  s3 sermon 190-s1-Importance of fear of Allah, desolateness of the grave, and ...
letter14-To his soldiers before the Battle of Siffin. sermon 154-s1-About the Ahlu'l-bayt (of the Holy Prophet) and their opposers  s2   s3 sermon 190-s2-part1-Importance of fear of Allah, desolateness of the grave, and....     s2-part2   s3   s4
letter15-His invocation to Allah whenever he faced an enemy sermon 155-s1-About the wonderful creation of the bat   s2  s3 sermon 191-s1-Praise of Allah                    s2-part1    s2-part2    s3     s4
letter18-When Abdullah bin Abbas was the Governor of Basra, Imam Ali (a) wrote the following letter to him. sermon 156-s1- About the malice borne by `A'ishah; and warning the people of Basrah  s2 sermon 192-s1-Known as al-Khutbah al-Qasi`ah (Sermon of Disparagement)
letter19-A letter to one of his governors. It speaks volumes about the ways of Divine Rule. sermon 157-s1-part1-Urging people towards Piety (taqwa)     s1   s2-part2     s3 sermon 192-s    s3    s4-part1    s4-part2  s4-part3   s5  s6  s7 
letter20-To Ziyad ibn Abih, who had been appointed as the Commissioner of Basra by Abdullah bin Abbas. sermon 158- About the Holy Prophet and the Holy Qur'an s8-part1   s8-part2    s9-part1    s9-part2    s10     s11    s12  s13   s14
letter21-Another letter to Ziyad ibn Abih sermon 160-s1- Praise of Allah    s2   s3    sermon 193-s1-It is related that a companion of Amir al-mu'minin called Hammam who...    s2    s3    s4-part1 s4-part2
letter22-An advice to Abdullah b. Abbas, which the latter claimed, sermon 160-s4-Prophets sermon 194-s1-In description of hypocrites s2
letter23-Instructions to his family a little before his martyrdom. sermon 160-s5-part1- Prophet of Islam sermon 195-s1-Allah's praise, advice about fear of Allah and details about the Day of Judgement   s2     s3
letter25-s1-Directions to assessors and collectors of Zakat             s2        sermon 160-s5-part2    part3     part4 sermon 196-The condition of the world at the time of the proclamation of prophethood ...
letter26-s1-His instructions to Zakat collectors. s2 sermon 161-s1-Deputation of the Holy Prophet sermon 198-s1-Allah's attribute of Omniscience    s2-part1      s2-part2
letter27-s1-Instructions to Muhammad b. Abu Bakr when he appointed him as the Governor of Egypt. s2  s3   s4 sermon 163-s1-part1-Attributes of Allah                 part2       s2  s3-part1      s3part2     s4    s5-part1      s5-part2
letter31-s1-Advice to one of his sons after returning from the Battle of Siffin. Some historians consider him to be Imam Hasan s2 s3 sermon 163-s3-the creation of man sermon 199-s1-Containing advice given by Amir al-mu'minin to his companions. About Prayer       s2    s3    s4
s4part1   s4part2   s5part1     s5part2   s6part1   s6part2    s7    s8    s9   s10    s11      s12 sermon 165-s1-. About the wonderful creation of birds sermon 201-One should not be afraid of the scarcity of those who tread on the right path


sermon 165-s2-Describing the wonderful creation of the peacock  s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 sermon 203-Transience of this world, and importance of collecting provisions for the next life.
sermon 120-About the greatness of Ahlu'l-bayt and the importance of the laws of Islam sermon 167-s1- At the beginning of his Caliphate. sermon 204-What Amir al-mu'minin said generally to his companions warning them ...
sermon 123-Amir al-mu'minin's address to his followers on the battlefield of Siffin ... sermon 167-s2- Fulfilment of rights and obligations ... sermon 211-The greatness of Allah and the creation of the Universe
sermon 129-s1-About measures and weights, the transience of this world and the condition of its people  s2 sermon 171-When Amir al-mu'minin decided to fight the enemy face to face at Siffin he said sermon 213-The Sublimity of Allah and a eulogy of the Prophet
sermon 132-s1-Warning about death and counselling       s2 sermon 173-s1-On eligibility for the Caliphate      s2 sermon 214-s1-The Prophet's nobility of descent         s2
sermon 133-s1-On the Glory of Allah   s2 sermon 175-s1-Warning to neglectful people  
sermon 138-Referring to events in the future sermon 175-s2-about the vastness of his own knowledge  
sermon 140-About backbiting and speaking ill of others sermon 176-s1-Preaching   s2  s3  s4  s5  s6  s7  s8  
sermon 141-Against reliance on heresy sermon 178-s1-Praise of Allah, transience of this world, and causes of the decline of Allah's blessings    s2  
sermon 142-Against misplaced generosity sermon 179-Dhi`lib al-Yamani asked Amir al-mu'minin whether he had seen Allah ...  
sermon 143-s1-Praying for rain    s2 sermon 182-s1-It has been related by Nawf al-Bikali that Amir al-mu'minin delivered this sermon  
  sermon 182-s2-part1-It has been related by Nawf al-Bikali that Amir al-mu'minin delivered this sermon s2-part2   s3  s4